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Running Spain with Miguel Heras

Written by Michael Gombart Thursday, 08 December 2016 Posted in Blog

Chasing the Spanish trail runner up his favourite training mountain

Running Spain with Miguel Heras

After finishing up my racing obligations  during my European trip to the ITU Duathlon World Champs in Spain, I had the chance to head a bit further down South to the city of Salamanca and join trail running legend Miguel Heras on a train run. This article first appeared in the September 2016 issue of Full Stride.

Benefits of a coach. (Gombies Spot)

Written by Michael Gombart Friday, 29 August 2014 Posted in Blog

As promised here is my take on having a coach/ structured training program…

Well firstly let me start off by clearing the air, one does not need to be a pro athlete to have a coach, in fact there is probably more need  for the non-pro to have a coach, than the pro.

Let’s look at a runner’s life: at some point a person wakes up to the wonderful world of running!!

They take to the streets or mountains, and soon find a route, and that becomes the weekly norm, the comfort zone, until they decide to take the next step and take part in a race or two.


In a nutshell, running can be the best fix, it means many things to different people - better fitness levels, part of an overall health program, a challenge, a de-stressor, quiet  time.. But whatever the personal motivation is, we keeping putting on the shoes and heading out the door, over and over again.

To run or not to run? (Gombie's Spot)

Written by Michael Gombart Monday, 18 August 2014 Posted in Blog

Another week down and hopefully the end of this flu/cold hybrid that has hindered my training over the last week. Unfortunately colds/flu/ injuries are part of an active lifestyle and plague us all at some point. The problem always seems to be as to how to make a decision as to whether to go ahead with working out, and keeping on the training program, and when to decide that you are too sick/injured to continue training? This seems to be a widely debated topic and the general consensus is - if it’s above the shoulders, it’s ok for moderate/light exercise, but if it’s below the shoulders, it’s a no-go. In some instances a injury might stop you from running, but cycling & strength work are ok, in fact even help through active recovery. Luckily, having a coach, I have debated this over the last week and been satisfied with doing Pilates classes and some light runs on the basis that if 1km in, you don’t feel good, call it a day.

Gombie's Spot

Written by Michael Gombart Monday, 04 August 2014 Posted in Blog

Welcome to the new Outpost Running site. My name is Michael Gombart and these are my adventures and misadventures, along the way of training, racing and getting out there in the running world.


Having now just passed the 1 year mark since I started running I cannot help but laugh when I look back and think about how much has changed. Hangovers, an extra 20kg’s and late nights and fast food were par for the course, as well as not being able to run 5kms without being brought to a halt by a very reluctant pair of legs. Back to the present, in my last 5km time trial I managed 18 minutes & 33 seconds.